Traits by AncestryDNA


UX Design Intern | June - September 2016

As a UX Design Intern at's San Francisco office, most of my time was devoted to working on designing within the feature called Traits, which gave users reports on what physical traits they carry based off of the results of their DNA tests. I worked closely with my project manager, mentor and other designers, as well as the company's geneticists, developers, and copy-writers. By the time I concluded my internship, I was rewarded with seeing Traits released for users in the United Kingdom.



As a UX Design Intern on the AncestryDNA team, I contributed the following:

UI Design for Desktop and Mobile Reports

Created multiple iterations of desktop and mobile visual mocks of Traits reports. These evolved over the course of the summer in response to usability testing and as we consulted geneticists to present information as accurately as possible. 

I worked specifically on designing the overall layout of the mobile report pages, as well as the representations of chromosomes throughout the product and the survey/result data visualization section within each report.


Specifications and Logging Bugs

Worked closely (both in proximity and in communication) with developers to bring UI design mocks to stage, and then test features to seek out and remedy any bugs before release.


Usability Testing

Prepared, conducted, and summarized several rounds of usability testing on my mobile prototypes using InVision and Validately.