The Final Footprint | A Greener Grave

For my Information Design class, we were to create a set of two posters addressing an issue related to climate change. I decided to pursue my long-time interest in the deathcare industry to explore the environmental impact of American funeral traditions. These images have since been shared by Katrina Spade, the brain behind The Urban Death Project, as well as at least one other funeral home in the United States.

For eight weeks, I compiled research and explored visual variations for representing the data, as well as the overall composition of the poster. I initially had hoped to create a step-by-step web of options that one could peruse through and ultimately add up the environmental "cost" of a funeral with certain combinations. However, this overloaded my posters with information and lacked the human connection necessary to tackle such a personal topic. This eventually evolved into two posters - one describing the impact of the two most conventional disposition methods in the United States, while the other explores alternative, environmentally-friendly options.

The three greatest challenges I faced were condensing the vast amount of information I had into relevant highlights for the posters, zoning content in the poster's composition, as well as settling on a final visual style after a total of nine very different iterations.