ReLeaf Mobile App - Prototyping


Design 385: Design Innovation and Society | Winter 2016
Role: Ideation, prototyping
Instructor: Francis Luu

For this project, I learned how to use Quartz Composer and Origami to design and prototype a mobile app service. I decided to create a social media platform that would hold amateur plant-owners accountable in watering their plants.

Feature 1: Check, Add Plants

On their home screen, the user sees which plants need to be watered and also has the option of adding a plant to their collection. The care of each plant is personalized depending on what kind of plant it is, while the option to name a new plant personifies it so that the user can care about its well-being.

Feature 2: View Feed of Plants You Follow

The user and their friends can post updates on their plants, share advice, and "like" other posts.

Feature 3: View a Plant's Profile, Check Messages

Each plant's profile shows documentation of its progress and health.