dump - Teens Help Teens' Health

Design 481: Design Field Study | Fall 2016
Role: Research, interviewing, synthesis, ideation, UX flow, UI design, report compilation, video narration
Collaborators: Peter Dolezilek, Andrea Kang, Nicola Scutt
Instructor: Michael P. Smith

Within our research-focused course of Design 481, my team saw an opportunity to destigmatize the dialogue on teen health and wellness education. This led to the creation of a school district-wide social app called dump. In the midst of a society that often maintains topic's stigma by dismissing teens' experiences and feelings, dump harnesses the anonymity and universality of the bathroom stall experience to encourage teen-to-teen support. 


Throughout 10 weeks, we underwent the following process:

1. Secondary Research
Reading and analyzing academic research to develop understanding of our topic's initial research questions.

2. Primary Research
Recruiting participants and conducting user research in the form of card sorts and interviews.

3. Ideation
Conducting synthesis on data gathered from these interviews, generating insights, and developing initial concepts based on these insights.

4. Solution
Designing UX flow and finalizing concept of solution.

5. Deliverables
30-minute in-class presentation, research report, and 3-5 minute video.


Primary Research

In preparation for our interviews with teens fresh from high school aged 18-19, we prepared a screener survey as well as a consent form for the interview recordings. We then conducted interviews with ten participants. Each interview was around 30 minutes long and began with a card sort where the participants would rank various subjects ranging from US History to Sexual Health on a scale of 1 to 5. We recorded these interviews through two cameras as well as a microphone placed on the table, with non-interviewing group members taking notes as well.

Conducting a user research interview with a participant.


Discussing pieces of data (on yellow sticky notes) and potential insights (on pink) as a team.

Synthesis & Ideation

From data gathered through our interviews, we came up with eight insights. Among them:

  • Some topics are awkward to hear if you don’t think it has any relevance to your gender/personal experience.
  • Hearing lived experiences is very impactful to those who both do and do not share the experience.
  • Designating subjects as “taboo” maintains and protects status quo
  • Emphasizing “medical accuracy” is misguided as it neglects the importance of subjective perspectives.
  • Older students can help younger students with their recently-gained wisdom.

UX Flow/UI Concept of Solution

In the end, we created a school district-based social app that would display a forum for students' questions and concerns as augmented reality projections onto a bathroom stall.

One of my contributions was designing the UX flow and UI of dump, as well as illustrating a scenario of its use through a storyboard, as shown below.